Hon.Semisi Kioa Lafu Sika
Minisiter for Infrastucture & Tourism

Hon.Semisi Sika first elected to the Parliament of Tonga on November 2010 in general election. Mr Sika, a businessman and travel agent has extensive experience in the industry. His current roles include being a Director in the Heilala’s Festival, a board member for Tonga Red Cross Society, President Liahona Alumni Association.He has¬†President for Tonga National American Basketball Association and Tonga Rugby League.

Mr Sika held a Cabinet position as Minister for Infrastructure and Tourism.¬†He holds B.Sc Bachelor of Science in Business & Travel Management and has been admitted to practise as a Travel Manager and a Managing Director for Five Star Ltd. In 2014 he was elected for People’s Representative for Tongatapu No. 2