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Accessible transport services based on good infrastructure and competitive services are important for more dynamic and inclusive growth across the country, as well as improving general quality of life. Good transport improves links within the Kingdom and between the Kingdom and the outside world. It facilitates the movement of people for business and pleasure; helps lower the cost of goods and increases opportunities for tourists and the export of goods and services. As local experience has shown many times, to make an effective contribution to our vision, these transport services must also be safe and reliable.

Organizational Outcome: More reliable, safe and affordable transport services on each island; connecting islands within the country and connecting the Kingdom with the rest of the world by sea and air, to improve the movement of all people and goods.In formulating the Organizational Outputs to ensure achievements of this Outcome, the Ministry recognizes the need to ensure the following strategic principles were incorporated into its Organizational Outputs.

Strategic Concepts:
a) Provide improved transport infrastructure construction, management and maintenance
b) Improve road networks on islands
c) Development a minimum transport infrastructure policy providing the minimum standard for connecting each island to the national transport network
d) Ensure adherence with international shipping and aviation safety regulations and standards
e) Support strong private sector aviation, shipping services and land transport services in country
f) Encourage more international shipping and aviation links to the country
g) Maintain and enforce appropriate air, sea and land transport regulatory standards and requirements