Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Division has been the most involved in the change management process. CED provide systems of rules regulation, polices and enforcement to guide safe, secure, affordable, sustainable and environmentally sound engineering works on major infrastructure in Tonga. This division has two unit which are
1. Minor Road Works which implementing already transfer to Land and Transport Division
2. Civil Engineering Work

Civil Engineering function include
• Heavy plant Transport Pool for Hire
• Gas Service Station
• Mechanical Workshop which implementing Heavy Plant and Light Vehicle Repair and Services, Fitter & Turner, Welding Fabrication, Panel Beating, Vehicle Inspection and Vehicle Evaluation

CED services
1. Implement Minor Road Works maintenance which already transfer to LTD
2. Mechanical workshop operation
3. Hire equipment
4. Quarry operation
5. Beautification of Tonga
6. Civil Engineering Works
7. Implement and monitoring government projects (PG2019, St Gorge Palace, CRSP and New Domestic Wharf)

In – Kind or External Supporting Services
1. Climate Change Projects – JNAP TWG, Infrastructure Sector
2. Environment Project – R2R
3. MoH Project – NTT New Hospital, NGU Hospital
4. ADB Project
5. World Bank Project